Land Acknowledgement

The California Tribal College located on the California State University, Sacramento campus acknowledges, with respect, the land our campus is on today was, and continues to be, the homelands of the Indigenous people of this area, the Nisenan, specifically the Nissim-Pawenan, and Miwok. The larger Sacramento area and its rivers serve as a gathering place for many local tribes from the surrounding valley and foothills including the Southern Maidu, Patwin and Wintun.


California Tribal College recognizes these lands and riverways as unceded traditional territories of these Native peoples. We further recognize these California Native nations and respect their sovereignty. By offering this land acknowledgement, we affirm the University’s commitment to build relationships and foster a university environment of success to better serve Native nations and communities.

The California Tribal College is on track to become the first 4-year Tribal College in California

Based on the need for Baccauleraute and Graduate level degrees that uphold and uplift Tribal Sovereignty, Empower Tribal Leadership, and Cultivating Youth Leadership, the California Tribal College in partnership with California State University Sacramento aims to provide Native Americans with higher education opportunities. Research shows a lack of equity for Native American high school students in rural and urban areas within California, as they have the lowest percentage of completing the A-G college course requirement for college enrollment. Furthermore, Native Americans alarmingly continue to be the lowest group to enroll and complete college in California. Tribal Colleges play a significant role in maintaining, preserving, and restoring Native languages and cultural traditions, offering a high-quality education, and providing career and technical education, job training, and other career-building programs. Unfortunately, there are no colleges in the State of California that offer culturally relevant curricula and degrees to meet the need for a skilled workforce at the Tribal and State of California levels. Additionally, Tribal Colleges are critical partners of K-12 schools in preparing and empowering Native students for post-secondary education and providing the training and resources for California State education requirements.

Join the Growth and be part of the California Tribal College!

  • Adopt a tribal resolution to show that you understand the importance of educating future generations to have your community will be directly involved in the process
  • Designate a tribal delegate to have your community will be directly involved in the process
  • Sign up to be kept up to date on all of the developments with the California Tribal College

What We Have Achieved

With support from over 60 California tribal governments and organizations, California Tribal College has laid the foundation for generations to come. 

  • Conducted a multiyear, two-phase feasibility study to assess the need for California Tribal College and identify appropriate curricula
    Incorporated as a 501(c)(3)
  • Created and adopted bylaws
  • Elected College Officers and a Board of Regents
  • As of 2023, the CA Tribal College has served over 700 students from over 60 tribes through higher education  
  • Our community partners are growing! 

If you would like to support the development of the California Tribal College, visit our donations page or email info@californiatribalcollege.com or call 916-278-1282. We welcome all donations!

Declining Native Enrollment in California

From 2000 to 2019, the American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) population in California increased 27.5%


In California, AI/AN college-going rate decreased 5.5% between 2014-2018


University of California overall enrollment increased 13% from 2015-2019, but AI/AN enrollment decreased 11%


California State University overall enrollment went up 1.6% from 2015-2019, but AI/AN enrollment decreased 15.5%


California Community College AI/AN enrollment decreased 60% from 1991-2017



In 2017, American Indians had the highest unemployment rate in the United States at 7.8% compared to 4.4% overall.


In California, the median annual income for the AI/AN population is $46,900. 26% lower than the state median of $63,800.

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